How are Finalists Selected?

Finalists are selected based on the number of nominations they receive from the public, the more nominations received, the better chance of being selected as a finalist.There is no arbitrary cut-off point, as the number of nominations received varies for each category.


Once finalists have been selected they will be judged based on a two stage process:


  • a) Information provided by the business
  • b) Anonymous visit by a judge


What information should be provided by the business?

The aim of this part of the judging criteria covers the behind-the-scenes elements of a successful business. This gives the business the opportunity to showcase their achievements to the judging panel and includes questions related to the following:


  • Business History
  • Business Marketing
  • Staff Training
  • Business and Environmental Sustainability
  • Business Successes during the past 12 months
  • Support to the community
  • Business Plans for the future


What is finalist Qualifying Criteria?

In order to proceed to the final stage of the judging process five qualifying criteria need to be met.


  • Is the business identified with clear signage?
  • Is the overall appearance of the premises clean and well maintained?
  • Are staff appropriately dressed?
  • Is the customer acknowledged on entering?
  • Are displays neatly presented?


A visit by a Local Business Awards anonymous judge

Our anonymous judges will visit the business premises of each finalist and evaluate them based on their ability to deliver on the fundamental principles of quality customer service. The principles of quality customer service include, but are not limited to, customer service, range and/or presentation of products/services, value for money and the overall business presentation, including the online presence of the company and the online experience provided to the customer.


If a visit to the business premises is not possible judges will evaluate the business’ website and online presence (social media, advertising etc.) and may conduct impromptu telephone interviews.


1. Is the exterior of the premises, including windows, clean and well maintained?
2. Is the layout of the premises well designed/organised for access by prams, trolleys and wheelchairs?
3. Is there appropriate lighting and signage?
4. Does the atmosphere suit the business?
5. Are displays used to highlight a variety of products and their uses?
6. Does the business have a well thought out website and online presence (incl social media)?
7. Is there a high level of cleanliness/hygiene (food businesses)?

1. Are products easy to find with prices clearly displayed in the premises.
2. Is there a broad range of products with suitable quality standards?
3. Are products wrapped and/or presented appropriately after purchase?
4. Are products or services easy to find on the website?
5. Is a call to action easily available?

Value for Money
1. Are products or services well priced?
2. Does the product pricing compare favourably to other items of similar quality and standards?
3. Are guarantees (or an exchange policy) offered?

Customer Service
1. Is the customer welcomed with a greeting, smile or eye contact?
2. Does the staff member give undivided attention to the customer during conversation and ask relevant questions to clarify their needs?
3. Are staff members knowledgeable about the products and services provided? Can they provide assistance and guidance?
4. Do staff thank the customer for shopping at the business?
5. Is there a consistent standard of customer service applied by staff?
6. Does the website answer any questions a customer may have or provide a means to have any questions answered by an employee quickly?